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    Milan Popović shares most of the main premises and findings of these two books with their authors. Some disagreements between him and them are of minor and technical importance.

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    Some disagreements between Milan Popović minimal inps home work Dragutin Lalović are of even lesser technical and conjectural importance. The three social and political theoreticians, however, strongly agree on the most important, substantive, and essential issues of our time.

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    So, again, just to illustrate this kind of essential agreements, they strongly agree that our time desperately needs a new global polity and governance, which would deal with the rising ecological and other technological problems of late modernity. Despite some differences about the terms and emphases, they also agree that, in the meantime, at least in several coming decades, the late modern state remains one of the most important actors in the process.

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    Especially two of three, namely Dragutin Leković and Milan Popović, starting from the concrete political experience of Croatia and Montenegro during their wartime pandemonic s, persistently insist on the complex, ambiguous, and contradictory process of simultaneous de-sovereignization and re-sovereignization of the state, as a part of the process in its late modern phase. Finally, the three theoreticians share a common vision on the substance and essence of the coming global polity.