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    Capturi de ecran Descriere Manage everything about your money from a single app. Sync with banks or manage accounts manually. Available for all major platforms and syncs between all of your devices automatically.

    Tired of comparing finance applications? Exporting data from one app to another to find the perfect one?

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    • Împreună cu botul lor, au o secțiune de instrumente utile, inclusiv integrarea API la schimburi, precum și integrarea API cu soluții de gestionare a impozitelor criptografice.
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    Trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers, MoneyWiz truly is the final destination for everyone seeking to organize their finances. Launch it, grab a beverage of your choice and start actually enjoying working with your finances!

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    Our latest release includes support for forex and crypto-currencies. MoneyWiz is now the first finance-management application to fully support crypto-currencies trading on top of an already powerful feature set.

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    • O altă parte, și nu neapărat situată la urmă, ține de aspectele legate de meniul "Plasamente" laolaltă cu toți parametrii conținuți în algoritmul de tranzacționare automată.
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    Just connect to one of the thousands of banks we support and relax while MoneyWiz downloads and automatically categorizes transactions forex automatic your checking, credit card, savings, investment, forex and crypto accounts! On top of that, MoneyWiz uses proprietary AI algorithms to learn from your changes, so the more you use it the better auto-categorization becomes!

    Forex automatic a fan of automatic online sync?

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    Need to transfer data from another app? It allows for offline use too, and automatically detects internet connection to sync any changes made while offline. Any use of online services is optional but if you do decide to use them, rest assured that your data is protected with the best safeguards and encryption methods available.

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    Just take a look at our Privacy Policy! Your local data also can be locked down with a PIN code supported by fingerprint or facial authentication.

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    Sold separately for each platform pricing varies. Your subscriptions will automatically renew each month or year, depending on plan and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

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